Monday, July 21, 2008

Work In Progress

It has been a whhiiilllee since I've done "Concept art" 
so here is a "speed paint" 
Duno what this thing is but I hope that it is badass 
lemme know wat  ya think
Remeber its a werk in progress


Kim Herbst said...

Pretty spiffy gadgets he's got on his ankles dere. Sooo different from the lil guy right below it hahaha

Justin said...

That's looking pretty cool, Jess. I'd love to see more characters that fit into that kind of world.

Eric Orchard said...

Love this one!

Ra said...

reminds me of the guys from..*ahem*

*movie voice*

...The Daaahk Crystuul

(sp. messed up for emphasis. lol)